Lorry was so messy driver could barely see out of his windscreen


A lorry driver had so much clutter and rubbish in his cab he couldn’t see out the windscreen.

Officers said he could have killed a cyclist or pedestrian had he gone on driving any longer.

His front seat was full of food including a tub of meringue, coleslaw, Pringles, a pear and bottles of water.

A bucket and sponge, carrier bags and a fly swat could also be seen piled up.

The dashboard was also full of litter and he had wires crossing over the controls with three phones on charge.

The HGV driver was pulled over by police in Hampshire, who tweeted: ‘Is this the disciplined and organised office of a top of his game professional lorry driver?

‘No. It’s a blocked field of critical view likely to hide and kill a pedestrian or cyclist.’

One joker replied: ‘Coleslaw, Pringles, meringue nests and a pear. That would make wow a nice spread at a BBQ.’

Shocked lorry driver Ursula Baker said: ‘Holy c**p. Can’t imagine what his house is like.’

One dad said: ‘Holy s***, looks like one of those hoarding programmes on the telly.

‘But the hoard moves around at high speed with a half attentive driver. Illegal I hope?’

An ambulance worker chipped in: ‘Where is the kitchen sink?!’